Goats are eco-friendly fuel and weed reduction agents. 

Goats are browsers, whose diet consists of about 70 percent non-grassy species.  Goats eat 25 percent of their body weight each day and goat hooves till and aerate the soil and trample in their own fertilizer with a minimum of compaction.  They are ideal for weed mitigation in steep or hard to access areas, or areas where spraying would be opposed by the community.  Goats can be to reduce weed populations to economically acceptable levels and eliminate the use of harmful herbicides and pesticides.  Goats eat poisonous, invasive, and noxious plants such as: tamarisk, Russian olive, yellow star thistle, white top, leafy spurge, giant reed, marsh reed, and knap weed among many others. 

Because our goats are also trained to be pack goats, they are extremely public friendly.  All of our goats are dehorned because some are show goats (no horns permitted).  Although friends, family, children and community members are encouraged to interact with the goats, dogs are not.  This is non-negotiable. Also, we are not doing road side clearing on unfenced road-ways at this time.

Our rates are $200/day, 2 day minimum.   For jobs further than 40 miles from Planet Goat (see map on website), there is a $.50 per mile fee beyond the 40 mile point.  We will bring 15 to 25 goats (including baby goats) to your site for 8 hours of daily grazing.  Depending upon the fuel/weed  load, clients should expect noticeable reduction of weeds on 1/2 acre in a day, and 1/3 acre to be virtually cleared at the end of  day 2.  If there is no convenient source of shade and water nearby, this needs to be clearly stated in the contract.   We do not rent the goats to a 3rd party, which is to say that a goat-herder is always included in the price of the rental.  For contracts outside of Tooele lasting more than 2 days, a level and private site for camping is required on the grounds being serviced, or a $50/night fee is added.

If interested in our services, please call and we will be happy to answer all of your questions. If you need an estimate, please take as many pictures of the site as you can from different angles and text or email these pictures to us. We need 2 weeks notice before contracting weeding jobs.

Note to government agencies: GPS mapping of weed distribution available for an extra  $100/day.  Please contact Dr.  Hall Ruddell directly or click on the link provided to take you to her CV/Resume.  If you have a specific volunteer or integrated pest management need, please call her at 801-915-5723.