Riding Lessons

"I came to Planet Goat last summer with my family. I signed up for riding lessons and helped out with the chores on the farm. I think that kids need to have a place where they can go and learn about animals and ask any questions that they have, if they need too, and not be scared to ask it. Kids need a place where they won’t get sucked into bad stuff like drugs or alcohol and cigarettes. I hope more people come to Planet Goat. The horses are great and the lessons are fun. The animals are very sweet, Shorty the Horse was my favorite he was very obedient and kind. I’ve learned a lot about animals, and learned how to ride the correct way and  I’ve also learned how to take care of animals in the best possible way. Lauren is also a very good teacher she is very kind and patient. Riding at Planet Goat has taught me new skills and confidence and how to be a great rider. I cannot wait to go back this spring! " Tana from Utah


Equitation Lessons at Planet Goat Begin May 1st, 2016
English and Western Lessons
Package of 3 lessons (paid in advance) $95
Package of 6 lessons (paid in advance) $175
Group lessons = $25/hour/student (every Friday at 3:30 PM, and Sundays at 3:00 PM, weather permitting)


Below is the rubric for equestrian learning outcomes in accordance with United States Pony Club Standards
Beginning  Riders will learn:
·      The parts of the saddle
·       The parts of the bridle
·       Basic equine anatomy (parts of the horse)
.       Correct seat and posture at the walk and trot
·       Three riding aids
·       Basic grooming equipment used on a horse
·       Basic coat colors and names
.       Horse warm up and cool down (catching, haltering, bridling, saddling)

 Riders will be able to demonstrate:
·       The proper way to approach a stabled or pastured horse
·       How to groom and tack up, including picking up and cleaning hooves
·       The correct way to lead a horse
·       Mounting and dismounting techniques
·       Walking, sitting trot, and halting
.       Demonstrate correct mounting (using mounting block if necessary).
.       Adjust stirrups with feet in the stirrups while mounted at the halt.
.       Shorten and lengthen reins at halt, walk and trot.
.       Perform balancing and suppling exercises for rider at walk and trot.
.       Ride without stirrups at the sitting trot.
·       Riding a figure 8 and circle at sitting trot
·       Haltering and un-haltering
Mastering  these skills for students with no previous experience  generally takes 6-8 lessons.

Intermediate Riders will learn: 
Differences in equine conformation
Essentials of equine behavior
.     Basic horse health including:
·               Basic horse rations and nutrition
·               Inoculations
·               Major parasites affecting horses and how to prevent them
·              How to identify a splint, a wind puff,  a bowed tendon and other mechanical ailments
·               The initial treatment for colic and other internal ailments
The step sequence for the walk,  trot, & canter
Essentials of Bareback Riding
Cueing a horse for the right and left leads
Posting on the correct diagonal
Riders will be able to demonstrate: 
·       Bathing a horse
·       How to disassemble, clean, and reassemble a saddle and bridle
·       First aid for minor horse cuts
·       Riding a serpentine and a figure 8 at the canter
·       Posting on the correct diagonal and cantering on the correct lead
·       Riding safely on the trail
·       Bending and counter bending
·       Riding Games (Cowboy Polo, Barrel Pattern, Poles) optional depending on rider’s proficiency.

Achieving this level of proficiency generally requires 20 lessons beyond the initial beginner’s skills.

Don’t leave us up in the air!  Sign up for 6 lessons before February 1st, 2016 and get an additional 10% discount.


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